Roundtable on Canada-U.S. Relations: Regulations in a Post-Truth World

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On Friday June 16th, the Toronto-GTA chapter was honoured to support a round table luncheon held by valued member, Global Public Affairs, entitled Canada-U.S. Relations - Regulations in a Post-Truth World at the St. Andrew Club in downtown Toronto. 
Former Chief Political Correspondent for CTV and current Chairman of Global Public Affairs Tom Clark lead a spirited discussion among key business officials and government leaders. Drawing on their combined regulatory, political, media and industry experience, also featured on the panel were Bob Carberry (Former lead, Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperation Council), David Skinner (Former President of Consumer Health Products Canada), and Hershell Ezrin (Former Canadian Consul in New York and Los Angeles).
There has been a lot of discussion about how the media are reacting to a post-truth world but less focus on what it means for government regulators.  The central question of the event was, how governments on both sides of the border can continue to make rules and regulations for the general good when not only are such rules and regulations being challenged, but the very foundations (or facts) upon which such rules and regulations are designed are being questioned. 
The participants expressed a diverse range of thoughtful views and insight was shared about the internal challenges that regulators are facing.  In this period of rapid societal, economic, and technological change, continuity among policy makers and other key people in government becomes vitally important but seems to be consistently lacking. These insights can help business leaders understand how to respond and position themselves to mitigate such risk.