Chamber VP: To succeed in NAFTA, US must drop withdrawal talk

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

iPolitics:  November 14, 2017

CHAMBER VP: TO SUCCEED IN NAFTA, U.S. MUST DROP WITHDRAWAL TALK: Trump's continued threats of withdrawal from NAFTA could risk derailing attempts to renegotiate the agreement, and doing so would hurt the very constituents the administration is aiming to help, a top Chamber official said Monday.

Speaking during an AmCham Canada event in Toronto, U.S. Chamber Vice President for the Americas Neil Herrington said that an updated NAFTA that includes advances in trade facilitation, financial services, intellectual property and other areas was still "attainable, but only if the U.S. takes withdrawal off the table and reverses course on proposals categorically opposed by U.S. agricultural and business interests small and large."

"Recent research asserts unequivocally that the unintended consequences produced by NAFTA withdrawal, or even pursuit of the aforementioned counterproductive proposals, would adversely impact the very constituencies the administration purports to want to help," Herrington said, according to a copy of his remarks provided to Morning Trade.

"What's clear is that withdrawal or pursuit of the aforementioned objectionable proposals threatens not only the heartland and Rust Belt economies so critical to U.S. growth, but also the very states, regions and constituents that helped elect the president,"