Quebec & National Board Member

Stephanie Murphy
Project Manager, Americas Asia Division, Investissement Quebec

Stephanie Murphy is a Project Manager for the Americas Asia Division at Investissement Québec where she attracts foreign direct investment to the province.  She works with financial, legal and accounting partners, government, and research institutes across a range of sectors including gaming, IT, aerospace, life sciences, ecotech, transportation and mobility, in establishing subsidiairies in Québec. 

Stephanie has contributed to Quebec’s diversified foreign direct investment prospecting opportunities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, assessing clients’ needs and proposing financing solutions and services, working thewhile with investors until their project is landed.  She develops strategic plans for regional corridors with respective offices overseas, aligning these with Invest Quebec’s Foreign Affairs Global plan objectives and budgets.
Stephanie’s work experience spans academia, industry and government. Her background in trade and international development includes working in Ottawa with Industry Canada before working for the Japanese and British governments in Montreal and abroad. As Advisor to Université de Montréal’s Bureau de Recherche Développement et Valorisation and commercial arm Univalor, she produced a best practice report in commercialising health science innovations for UdeM and its affiliate institutes.  Later as a consultant she served European, North and South-American clients seeking to expand their respective markets. 

A former Director on the Board of the Irish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Stephanie remains an active member, and has recently joined as Trustee the Foundation of the School of Canadian Irish Studies at Concordia University.  
Stephanie holds a B.Sc. in Biology and environmental sciences from l’Université de Montréal, and an executive MBA specialised in Bio-Industries from UQAM.

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