Toronto-GTA & National Board Member

Ronald Maiorano
Partner, U.S. Corporate Tax Services, KPMG
Phone: 416-777-8278

Ronald (Ron) Maiorano is Leader of KPMG’s U.S. corporate tax practice in the Greater Toronto Area.  Mr. Maiornao has extensive experience helping Canadian based companies minimize their North American effective tax rates through comprehensive planning strategies including: structuring acquisitions, restructuring existing corporate groups; dispositions and reorganizations; structuring financing arrangements; and implementing hybrid entities to take advantage of anomalies that frequently exist between taxing jurisdictions.  Ron has written extensively in the area of taxation and has published papers and articles in national tax publications such as Tax Notes International, Journal of International Taxation, The Tax Executive, Taxes – The Tax Magazine, The Tax Advisor, Federated Press’ International Tax Planning Journal, Canadian Tax Foundation journals, Canada Export, and Michigan CPA.

Ron has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Western Michigan University; and a Masters in Professional Accountancy (specializing in Taxation) from the University of Texas.

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