Cross-Border Conversations: Navigating the New NAFTA
Start Time: Jun 4th,2020 @ 02:00 pm
End Time: Jun 4th,2020 @ 03:15 pm

About this Event

Trade has always been an integral part of the Canada / United States relationship and even during times of crisis, like today, business depends on goods moving as seamlessly as possible between our countries. Despite the suspension of non-essential traffic at the border between Canada and the United States, governments and business in both countries continue to work to keep essential supply chains moving and workers employed.

Beyond COVID-19, the Canada/US trade relationship has faced other changes, including the CUSMA/USMCA negotiations, which brought changes to tariffs and de minimis thresholds and is slated to come into place on July, 1st.

To address these challenges, the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada (AmCham Canada) and Invest Ottawa are partnering for a webinar featuring expert insight from business and industry associations. Discussions will focus on practical strategies, potential solutions, and best practices for navigating CUSMA/USMCA.

This is a two-part series.

Please join us on June 11 as we explore:

Cross-Border Conversations: Supply Chain and Shipping Challenges